Find Out Why Your Franchise Website Isn't Generating More Phone Calls or New Customers

Page speed is now a direct ranking factor. 

If your website is slow or not optimized for Core Web Vitals, which are newer ranking factors tied to the speed of your website, your rankings, phone calls, and customer acquistion will be directly affected. 

You site must load quickly to protect your rankings. You could have bad Web Vitals metrics and not even know!

Prepare your site, stay competitive in the SERPs, and beat your competition with a FREE User Experience Site Audit and road map from Local Brand Advisor!

How the Page Experience Update Affects Franchises


Rankings will drop like a rock if you have poor metrics. When rank drops, you lose traffic, online visibility, and potential customers.

If you're prepared, your site could see massive gains and potentially overtake high competition keywords.


Protect Against 

Ranking Drops

Get Ahead of Your Competition

Provide a Better 

User Experience

Let Us Help...

Free Page Experience Audit 

Local Brand Advisor provides a free User Experience Site Audit to determine the quality of experience users have on your site by evaluating each of the Core Web Vitals and existing experience metrics for a holistic look at your site.

But that's not all... 

Roadmap: How to Fix Issues

We don’t just tell you what’s wrong. We also include a roadmap to fix the issues and put data into action. 

By taking a proactive approach you protect your site against ranking fluctuations and potentially increase your traffic, return visitors and overall usability. 

Speed Up Your Site with Us!

Even if your Web Vitals metrics are good, a bad page experience and slow fully loaded time could be hurting your phone calls, traffic, and number of customers. We’re well-versed in user experience and SEO, so leverage our expertise to benefit your business. The earlier the better. If you run into any major issues, you want to have enough time to fix it before the update rolls out.

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