Avoid Potential Litigation Against Your Franchise

Is Your Franchise’s Website A Lawsuit Waiting To Happen?

You can be sued for not adhering to ADA Title III website requirements. A continuous rise is expected for these lawsuits. Is your website prepared?

2,256 lawsuits were filed for Title III ADA Website violations in 2019! How can you avoid becoming one of them?

Protect your franchise from lawsuits with our FREE ADA compliance audit. 

Currently, your website is considered a public accommodation and subject to ADA Title III. This means your site cannot impede access to goods or services for disabled users. It is the law! 

There are 30+ recognized accessibility standards for websites, which can be overwhelming. Ensure you’re compliant with an ADA scan from Local Brand Advisor!

Top 4 ADA Compliance Factors:


Descriptive Image Alt Text


Text Transcriptions For Audio & Video Embeds


Color Contrast of Text to Background (4.5:1 ratio)


Descriptive Anchor Text For All Internal & External Links

Learn the remaining factors from the Website Accessibility Standards Guide, which includes details for each accessibility standard.

Public accessibility is the law. If you don't follow the guidelines, your franchise could face the consequences. This quick start guide provides 4 immediately actionable items to bring your website into compliance and avoid potential litigation. 

If you want to be sure your franchise site is ADA compliant, let us audit your site for free! We will review all 30+ ADA standards.

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